Best Online Vape Shops

The License To Vape team has compiled a list of the best online vape stores in honor of awards like the Grammys, Emmys and Oscars. The list covers a wide array of the vaping community, with the top vape websites online. There are also sites that educate us, community forums, sites with well-written reviews, sites on a mission to fight for vaper’s rights, and sites that were just really freaking cool.

Pros Price matching
60 day warranty
10% off when you setup "auto ship"
Free Shipping $30+
150+ flavors of E-liquid
25+ popular brands
Competitive pricing
Large inventory
Stock the newest products
Cons 15 day return policy
No returns on e-liquid (by FDA reg.)

No Paypal

15% Restocking fee on returns

No low price guarantee
Free ShippingYes with NO minimumYes, on orders over $30Yes, on orders over $40
Return Policy15 days, No restocking fee7 days + no restocking fee (90 day exchanges)30 days + 15% restocking fee
Warranty60 DaysN/A30 Days
Low Price GuaranteeYesNoNo
View SiteView SiteView Site

So, take a look at the list, let us know what you think in the comments, and make sure to visit as many of the sites as you can. One of the things we love most about vaping is the strong community. We hope this list helps you become a part of it!

2018 Best Vape Websites

1. Direct Vapor

These guys launched in the summer of 2015 and I continue to love them in 2018. After purchasing a few tanks and juices, then speaking to a few customers, and based on their wide selection and consistent promotions, they’re still your best bet for vaping supplies and why they’re my number 1! Really, you don’t have to shop anywhere else! Check ’em out!


Range: They have a massive selection with everything from dry herb devices to a huge selection of sub-ohm tanks, 100% authentic mods and accessories.

Prices: They offer a unique Price Matching Program‚ If you buy an item cheaper elsewhere from a reputable US vendor, they’ll give you a store credit or refund. They also have a great clearance section where you’ll find some top deals and discounts.

Extras: They have a 60 day warranty policy, a 15 day return policy with free 2 way shipping. For now, they are offering Free Shipping with no order minimums to customers located in the US.

User Friendliness: The site is a breeze to navigate and is totally user friendly.

Popularity: Ranked at 89,835‚ the site sees on average 4700 unique visitor, so they must be doing something right!


Site Speed can be a little slow sometimes,when traffic is high but it’s no biggie.

No Paypal, sadly.

Check ’em out!

2. Vapewild

The founders of Vape Wild set out with a mission to make vaping available and affordable to all adults who wanted a smoke-free alternative to tobacco. Their focus is on quality products, good business ethics and excellent customer service. They have over 150 flavors of e-liquid from 25+ popular brands. The starting price for 10 mils is $2.99 for their in-house brand and if you find one you like a lot, you can get it in bulk sizes of 30 – 480 mils. Save money with larger sizes, coupon codes and “deals of the week”. Shipping is free on orders over $30 and International orders of $50 receive $10 off the cost of shipping. Returns are accepted within 7 days and exchanges within 90 days of purchase. Due to FDA regulations, returns of e-liquid are not permitted but if there is an error on your order customer service will work with you to make it right.


VapeWild offer an unparalleled selection. Plus they have Free shipping on orders over $30. Then there is also 150+ flavors of E-liquid and 25+ popular brands to choose from. Returns are 7-day with no restocking fee and exchanges are 90 days!


Really none to mention. Though, no returns on e-liquid (by FDA reg.)

Check ’em out!



Range: has finally made it into our top 3 vape stores and for good reason‚ their vast inventory and amazing deals with different vaping brands. What I love about them is their commitment to stocking the newest (and authentic) vaping products.

Prices: You can get free shipping on certain e-liquids, take them up on their weekly deal, or buy a vape kit that is competitively priced.

Extras: The site offers a super cool coil search tool and their customer support (chat, email or phone) is excellent. If you spend a minimum of $75, you’ll qualify for FREE shipping. Check them out and bookmark them as a top resource.

Popularity: Ranked at 96 598‚ 10 340 thirsty vapers browse its pages everyday.


Navigation can be a little cumbersome at times, not the end of the world though.

Grrrrr‚ no Paypal.

Check ’em out!



Range: Featuring all of vaping’s most popular brands, as well as about a hundred more for good measure. A beastly range of everything from mods and RDA’s to gaskets, drip tips and juices‚ if you need it, you’ll likely find it here.

Prices: The prices on this site are exceptionally low, you’ll end up with extra cash to buy more. They have so many deals that even their deals are categorized.

Extras: Free shipping over $35 is always a bonus, as well as a customer friendly returns policy.

User Friendliness: A clean and easy to navigate layout, the business looks very transparent and customer care is exceptional.

Popularity: Coming in at 73 510‚ this site sees 12 650 vapers everyday!


No Paypal‚ what gives?


5. Myfreedomsmokes


Range: A stunning range of vaping’s latest and greatest, with everything from mods to specialized parts and accessories‚ all 100% high quality, authentic gear. They also have a pretty decent DIY section, this really is a one stop vaping shop.

Prices: With deals, sales and coupon codes available everyday‚ as well as already low prices, you’ll get more than you bargained for. Members will save serious cash and won’t have to look any further than the site to meet all their vaping needs.

Extras: I’m crazy about their full range of bespoke drip tips. There’s free shipping, a great returns policy and special membership perks. Members save up to 25% on orders and get one free juice with one order every month. There’s also a great rewards program for added savings and freebies.

User Friendliness: I love the look of the site, it’s easy to use, easy on the eye and also features a comprehensive list of how to articles and tips and tricks.

Popularity: Myfreedomsmokes comes in at 90 779‚ and sees 10 922 unique vapers each day.


Their returns and shipping policy is really not ideal, with free shipping only over $75, within US.

No Paypal.

Customer service isn’t the best.

6. Vaperoyalty


Range: Like the name says, its a site with a little bit of a difference. The site features an impressive selection of gear and brands, with items you don’t see every day so you’ll probably need to set aside a couple of hours to shop here. They’ve got a really unique range of accessories and even a section on vape bling that will drive the lady in your life wild‚ some serious diamante action, not everyone’s cup of tea but hey!

Prices: Prices are off the hook and you don’t actually need to be royalty to shop here, they might not have a deals section but that’s because there prices are already seriously reduced.

User Friendliness: Clear and concise, the site is easy to navigate, with a really simple layout.

Popularity: Ranking at 102 988‚ 9900 unique visitors every day ‚Äòaint bad!


Once again‚ no Paypal.

7. Vapor-hub


Range: Featuring an outstanding selection of mechanical and limitless mod gear, if pimping out and building up is your pleasure‚ this is the site for you. An awesome range of accessories like drip tips and the like, this place has all your vaping supplies covered.

Prices: Awesome prices and insane deals on high quality gear‚ you won’t find cheaper drip tips.

User Friendliness: Straight forward layout is easy enough to use.

Popularity: Ranking at about 245 000, they see about 2000 unique visitors daily.


You wont find everything you need here. Even though they carry some unique specialized gear‚ it would be nice to see them branching out a bit.

8. VaporDNA


Range: This is one of our favorite vape websites, not only do they stock all the popular favorite brands but they also have all the best of more specialized and underground brands‚ killer selection. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced vapor, you can find whatever you need at VaporDNA. They have starter kits, PVs and Mods, e-liquid, cartomizers, accessories, DIY supplies and more. Check’em out, you won’t be disappointed.

Extras: Everything they carry is of excellent quality, even the economically priced items.

User Friendliness: Simple layout that’s easy to navigate, nothing fancy but it works.

Popularity: Ranked at 27 359‚ the site sees on average 41 862 unique visitors a day‚ that’s a lot of vapers!


Payment methods are limited, with no Paypal.

Top 63 Online Vape Stores

L2V Rank
Vape Store


Dry Herb Vape Shopping



Range: It’s a veritable mecca for dry herbers and medicinal cannabis users, with quite nearly every known brand of herb device, including stationary, portable, pen, grinders and accessories.

Prices: Their rewards system, coupon codes and particularly their Price Match system, will ensure that you won’t find a better price any where else for all your dry herb gear.

User Friendliness: The site looks clean and crisp and the inclusion of price based criteria makes the shopping experience even more user friendly.

Popularity: With a ranking of 108,921 and 9703 unique visits each day‚ these guys are busy!


No freakin’ Paypal.

Planet of the Vapes


Range: This is your one stop shoop for everything Dry Herb and the site features a foggalicious round up of all the best portable and stationary Dry Herb devices.

Extras: You’ll find a good selection of well written Dry Herb Vaporizer Reviews and Guides here, so you wont have to leave the site to find out more about your purchase. Subscribers also get access to some top deals‚ so if dry herbing melts your butter, look no further. They also have a solid guarantee and return policy, in case you’re not satisfied, as well as free shipping and order tracking with Paypal acceptance!!

User Friendliness: The site is sleek, sophisticated and highly functional‚ good job.

Popularity: Ranked at 982 841‚ 603 unique vapers visit the site everyday.


Certain menu items could be better placed‚ such as their herb mixes, which are placed under accessories. That’s just nitpicking though.

Yay‚ they have Paypal, great.

DIY Juices

The Vape Book

DIY Juice Heaven: With a near endless list of delicious juice recipes that link out to all the relevant DIY juice ingredient suppliers, this is an awesome starting point for anybody who is getting into home mixing.

User Friendliness: The very old-school layout will kinda take you back but we dig it‚ although it may take a little getting used to, it does what it’s supposed to. A great resource.


Community, News, Guides and Reviews

E-Cigarette Forum


Community: Since 2007 these guys have been developing a vaping community that will give you all the guidance you can possibly ask for, no matter your question or concern, you’ll find a host of friendly members here who’re willing to help you with advice, discussion and recommendations.

User Friendliness: For a forum site, the layout is absolutely awesome, easy to navigate, comprehensive and specific category listing will show you exactly where to go to get your questions answered.

Popularity: As proof of how important discussion is in the vaping world, this site ranks at 23, 147 and sees a whopping 72 063 visitors every day‚ whaat?!

Reddit Electronic Cigarette Subreddit


Community: An invaluable resource for vapers, newbie and pro‚ a great place to find helpful advice and assistance on any vaping topic. There’s also no shortage of friendly debates, it’s great to browse through the threads here, I’ve learned things I could never have learned anywhere else and this community proves just how dynamic and exciting the world of vaping has become.


As with a lot of forums, I feel the layout could be a little more user friendly.

That pretty much sums up our kudos list of all the internet’s best vape stores, shops and resource sites. We’ve no doubt that with this list at your disposal, you’re bound to find the gear and guidance you’ve been looking for. Happy browsing and, more importantly, keep on keeping on‚ . vaping, that is.

Best Online Vape Shops
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